Local Rifle Range Owner Who Sells Bows, Rifles, and The Best Ear Protection for Shooting

hunting-lodgeAnother entry into the fall SWclassic, is Johnson Paige from Shooting at the Moon, a local rifle range which has 50 separate yards and allows people of all ages to practice for a monthly fee, as long as they have proper supervision and a clean track record. Paige has been in the business for 10 years, and helps young future outdoorsmen get their initial hands on experience with guns, including a summer youth program which acts very much like the boys scouts. His shop, which is located at the entrance to the range, sells the best recurve bows that you could possibly ever need for sports archery, as well as nice beginner bows, just in case you have children who you want to start early. What he is really known for are his ear muffs, as he sells the best ear protection for shooting in the area, at an affordable price.

One of the criterias for entry for this tournament, along with charitable work, is that the participants must submit a story of how they got into their business, and why the wish to continue down their line of work as well as devote time to their community. Mr. Paige submitted a particularly moving piece, so we thought we would share this piece of information with you.

“When I was about 8 years old, my daddy use to take me hunting. He worked all of the time, and I rarely got to see recuve bowshim, but he made sure that he at least had time to show me how to manage in the woods. I never really understood why this was so important to him, until I got older. That is when I really began to appreciate the time that I spent with my dad, and once he passed away, it was my most fondest memories of him. I think every every boy and girl should experience the kind of love that I had a chance to experience, for the outdoors and hunting. Its not all about killing animals, its about embracing nature and being in comradely with your fellow rifle mate”

Cozy Camo : Camouflage Clothing and Accessories

cozy camoCozy Camo is an online and offline retailer which specializes in product information and reviews, specifically camouflage wedding dresses and camouflage rings. An affiliate of Amazon LLC, they’ve been in business for over twenty five years and own an offline business in the suburbs of plant city, selling camouflage gear and helping to fund the local high school. Their main office is at 1408 Wheeler Street and you can contact them through their website, or by calling 1-800-big-camo. In addition to this, they own a ranch in Lakeland Florida, which is part of the local communities boys and girls club, where they help to provide for over 2,000 local children who would otherwise not receive aid.

Representing Cozy Camo at the SW Classic will be Thomas Jackson, who is the son of the founder of the company, James Jackson. This is the second year of the SW classic, and we are glad to see them register. In addition to the formal registry, Cozy Camo will be donating five thousand dollars to the Plant City Pediatric Hospital, and more specifically to the neonatal wing. Thomas Jackson recently lost his young son Jack to sudden onset diabetes, and so he will be playing in his honor.

A few of the stipulations of the tournament, all registration fees are donated to the charity of choice of the winner, and will be played at the Walden Lake Country Club off of Alexander Street, Plant City Florida. Registers are expected to arrive at least an hour early before the tournament, to formally go over all rules and regulations, and there is an orientation period which lasts about an hour the Tuesday before the tournament.

One of the prizes that is up for grabs at the tournament, is a 30 thousand dollar Buick Navigator, and the top five scorers will receive an automatic invite back the following year. We wish Thomas Jackson luck, and we will see him on the concourse.